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Blessing Bucks program
"Earn While You Learn" is a reward system in which clients will earn "Blessing Bucks" for actions that indicate responsible choices. The first time a client visits us, we will get them $10 worth of Blessing Bucks to use as they wish. They will be given a list of ways they can "earn" more. Please note that after the first visit, Blessing Bucks that you earn will be needed to buy items. Only in cases of emergency will we attempt to meet a need without Blessing Bucks.
You can see how to earn Blessing Bucks here: 
 Counseling is available for our clients. All counseling at Tri-State Family Services is free and confidential. Our counseling is biblically based.

Click on the "Contact Us" tab above for contact information and ask to set up an appointment for counseling.
Baby Bed Program
Pregnant or have a new baby? Not sure where you are going to place the little one. Let us help you. You can earn a NEW crib by taking five Classes for Living spaced over at least five weeks. 

The cribs, which the clients earn, are donated primarily by one family. In 2013 17 cribs were earned by clients.
  All classes are scheduled by appointment, are confidential, non-judgmental, and always free. 
Our Classes for Living are one of the many ways to earn Blessing Bucks. We cover a variety of topics ranging from infant safety all the way to anger management.  

Food is provided by Midwest Food Bank, Peoria, IL; River Bend Food Bank, Moline, IL; area churches, and individuals. Through various grants we have been able to expand our freezer space and offer a larger variety of foods. 

We give it out without requiring clients to use Blessing Bucks for it. This is a very popular service and we have many clients who come regularly to shop.

​Food Pantry
KAMMO (Kids' and Moms' Morning Out)
Who: Kids 0 to 10 years old
What: Fun, care, crafts, activities, and a snack

When 8:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m.
   1st and 3rd Friday each month except for holidays

​Make reservations by 1st and 3rd Tuesday

Cost: 5 Blessing Bucks per child per hour
Moms earn 5 Blessing Bucks for each child picked up on time.

Presentations are available for your school and/or your church youth groups:
    some topics include
     Abortion Procedures/Risks
     Dating/Marriage relationships
     Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Abstinence
These popular presentations by Sherry Bliss, Jason Unzicker, and Chelsie Bliss give students the facts they need to make good choices. Although these presentations are free they are priceless. 

Become a client and SHOP in our expanded clothing rooms. We carry clothing in all sizes. Most items are priced at 1-2 Blessing Bucks. All clothing has been donated.
In addition to clothes, we usually have
  • ​toys
  • purses
  • shoes
  • other miscellaneous clothing items
  • miscellaneous household items