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School Presentations
Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Abstinence (90 Minutes)
Expectations – graphic
Spit in cup game
Sexual Exposure Chart
List on board concerns / worries of teenagers
List on board consequences of pre-marital sex 
Erase all that birth control will protect you from: none
Game with tape on arm
Condom failure rate – Baby Think It Over
STD card game
Slides – students stand if had the disease at any time from card game
"Kill" 4 students with HIV
Triangle illustration
Pinhole in a Condom 
Games --  
First Kiss (making memories)
Date with questions from father 
  (can't be honest – have gone too far)
Marriage (wait) 

"I liked the games. They teach you a lot."
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"I will not do the wild thing until I get married."
"I liked how it gave me a whole positive outlook on how to plan my future."
  "I learned that many teens are infected with STD's every day."

  "I learned about how much each sexual encounter affects the later ones."
 "I learned STD's are very gross." 
"The STD's have horrific physical effects."
"I learned to have safe sex, don't have it before marriage."
"I learned that most STD's don't have symptoms."
"I liked the group activities -- they were funny."
 "I liked the games. They brightened the mood of the students and brought things into perspective."
  "I liked learning more about STDs in a comfortable, laughing atmosphere. "
"I didn't like some of the graphic pictures, although they were true."
"I will do the 2nd virginity thing." 
"I recommend that everyone sees this presentation!"
A Junior High Teacher wrote:

"I loved how you included students in the presentation to make it more personal that it could happen to YOU."