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Rebecca's Story
One Client's Story
  My name is Rebecca Varnold and I am in part a product of this wonderful organization.
  In order to understand the impact that this center had on my life and as a result the life of my child you must know a little bit about where I came from.
  I grew up as the oldest of five and in a staunchly religious yet emotionally and verbally abusive family. This experience left me with hatred toward God and a distrust of everybody. I moved in 1997 to Iowa, after having spent what I like to call my formative years in Southern California, and very quickly became hell-bent on destroying my life to prove a point, that I needed nobody and that I would do as I pleased whenever I pleased. 
  But, God. He had other plans and he is so gracious and loving that even he when I blamed him and tried to run from him, he pursued me, in this case, in the form of Ms. Sherry. I don’t even remember how I learned about the center. In my quest to live my life, I found myself pregnant and not sure what I was going to do about it. Abortion was out. And I didn’t think I could give my child up so I figured I had better learn how to be a better parent than had been modeled to me. 
  So, with Sherry’s urging, I began to reluctantly take the anger management classes that were offered through the center and Sherry sat there and listened and I unleashed and she guided back to the God every time. Every time, it was God and his goodness and how he would help me to heal and to raise this child that by now I had decided to keep. I found myself trusting the people at the center and wanting to be more open and positive and I would love to say it happened overnight, but it didn’t. It has been a long process. It has been almost 8 years since I went through this organization and both my son and I are serving God. We love him with everything we are. We endeavor to share that love with others and to be a blessing to whomever we come in contact with, just like Tri-State Family Services was for me. I look forward still to Sherry’s calls and she even now asks me how my walk with God is, and it keeps me on my toes and keeps seeking after his heart so I have an answer. 
  This organization is a blessing in every way. The lives that it impacts are not just the here and now but also those of the children on their way and of their children because I believe they will hear stories of their parents talking about how they learned to be a parent from the lessons learned right here. I hope that you are encouraged by what you are reading and know that your support both in monetary donations, volunteer hours and, most importantly, prayer makes a bigger difference in the lives of these ladies than you may ever know. But I am so thankful that people cared enough to rescue me. 

  P.S., Ms. Sherry, I still have the crib I earned at the Center and I plan on using it for the next miracle that comes into my life.

(Rebecca gave permission to use both her photo and her story.)

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​But, God. He had other plans He is so gracious and loving that even when I blamed Him and tried to run from Him, He pursued me, in this case, in the form of Mrs. Sherry.