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School Presentations
Presentations are available for your school and/or your church youth groups
These popular presentations by Sherry Bliss, Jason Unzicker, and Chelsie Bliss give students the facts they need to make good choices. 

Although thse presentations are free, they are priceless.  Contact Sherry Bliss today to schedule yours.
After one of Sherry's Sexually Transmitted Diseases presentations, a Teacher wrote: "The activities done with the students were very engaging. I will try to carry this information further by using 'Choices Matter' whenever possible in other units as a reminder. I recommend this presentation for our future students. This presentation presents ideas that some families no longer model (abstinence and marriage). 'Normal' doesn't have include what others do."
Forty-five minute presentations are designed for one class period. Ninety-minute presentations are intended for either two class periods on two separate days or for one ninety minute block
A teacher wrote: "Sherry is a great presenter! I would like her to do this presentation every year.
After one of Sherry's Sexually Transmitted Diseases presentations, a Student Teacher wrote: "You do an excellent job! You used examples and real life experiences which are key to today's youth, and you do a great job of relating to the students. I wish I had received a presentation like this while I was in high school.
Steve Carman, Principal of Keokuk Middle School wrote a letter explaining why he asked Sherry and Jason to give a presentation on Sexual Transmitted Diseases to an all-school assembly. He also wrote his evaluation. Read it here.
Did you know?
In 2013 Sherry gave 45 school presentations to a total of 937 students.
​(We recommend that you have the Human Development presentation prior to this one.)

There may be students attending who have experienced an abortion or know of someone who has had an abortion. National statistics tell us 1 out of 4 women have experienced an abortion. More than likely abortion has touched each student's life in some way. It is our purpose to inform students so they will know the facts and know there is help available. 
This series focuses on determining what your sources of anger are and how to deal appropriately with anger. 

  "I recommend this discussion be explained to every teen in the world. Go inform them that marriage can be something special and to wait for that one person."
"I learned what drives Bulimia and Anorexia ."  
An in-depth view of how the human is formed from conception to birth. There are fetal models and a video to view. 
  "I liked how it gave me a whole positive outlook on how to plan my future."
Go over the myths of suicide and learn the warning signs.
Teen Pregnancy (45 Minutes or 90 Minutes)
  "The Marriage Bed" skit and "Baby's First Year Expense Sheet" are very popular and make a lasting impression on the students. 
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