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Human Development (45 Minutes)
An in-depth view of how the human is formed from conception to birth. There are fetal models and a video to view. 

Quiz, “What do you really know about babies?”

Pass around Samuel article

DVD – Baby Steps

Human Development handout, read over the handout

Pass around fetal models and “Little Miracle” article 

Pass around diagram of tubal pregnancy
  and 6 to 7 week old embryo 

Fetal alcohol syndrome – pass around picture 
  of child with FAS

Video, “Heart of the Matter”


  "I learned what the baby does at each week until birth."
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  "I will not have kids for a long time."
  "I didn't like how it looks painful."
"I liked when they talked about twins and triplets!"
"I liked seeing the ultrasound and internal development pictures."
   "I learned that lots of stuff happens from the beginning." "I learned that lots of stuff happens from the beginning.
"I learned that babies breathe in the fluid - that they have a heartbeat at 2 weeks."
  "I learned that the baby develops very quickly, even quicker than I had previously thought."
"I learned a lot about the development of babies -- didn't know how active they were within the womb."
  "I liked all the videos."
  "I will never get an abortion." 
 "I recommend not being scared of pregnancy."