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Tri-State Family Services was born because of a question presented to a group of concerned citizens. It all started because a gentleman in the community was upset once he found out that his own family doctor was performing abortions right here in Carthage. With this knowledge he rallied fellow believers to action and a Right to Life group was born. During this time the group was asked a very simple question, “How are you going to help the problem of abortion instead of just protesting it?” In 1991 a board of directors was put together and Sherry Bliss became the executive director of Tri-State Pregnancy Center. Over the years we’ve been in 5 different locations around Carthage. God’s hand has been with this organization every step of the way. When we’d outgrow one location God always provided the next spot. When the property across from the doctor’s office that performed abortions became available, we put in our newsletter that we needed $6,000 to purchase it. Shortly after we received a check in the exact amount. Once again we outgrew that location and was on the look for another place. Through prayer, He provided. In 2010, Tri-States was given the old Printy Funeral Home. Since moving to our current location we have been blessed to be able to expand our services. Not only are we still a crisis pregnancy center, but we’ve became a place to help all families. We were able to add an adult section to our clothing room, a food pantry, and Sherry is speaking at local schools. It’s a blessing to see how so many lives can be impacted for the better, and Christ’s love shown to all that walk through the doors

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-Heidi October 2013
Through the Years
In 1992 our staff saw 25 new clients after our doors were opened.
In 2009, 76 new clients served repeat clients returned 748 times for a total of 834 client contacts.

It's been amazing to see how many lives are continually changed through the work of this organization.
In 2015, 89 new clients were served, 2,911 repeat client visits. for a total of 3,013 client contacts. We taught 113 parenting classes, and 8 clients took five parenting classes to earn a new crib and mattress.
In 2014, 126 new clients were served, 3,446 repeat client visits. for a total of 3,562 client contacts. We taught 137 parenting classes, and 16 clients took five parenting classes to earn a new crib and mattress.