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Eating Disorders (45/90 Minutes)
Paula's story
How many have been on a diet?
How many are on a diet now?
Raise your hand if you think you eat well.
What did you have for recent meals?
How many know of someone who has an eating disorder?
List reasons people start to diet.
Factors / Root issues of eating disorders
Information by Dr. Jantz
Other interesting facts
Body Mass Index
Definition of anorexia
Eating attitudes quiz for Anorexia
Go over answers to Anorexia quiz
Signs and symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa
Definition of Bulimia
Sarah's story
Bulimia Nervosa handouts
Medical consequences of eating disorders
Helping someone with an eating disorder
Brooke's story

​ "I will help anyone if they have an eating disorder."
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"I will change my eating ways."
  "I learned about different eating disorders and how harmful they can be and the signs of them."
 "I will fight each day to beat this battle!"
"I liked knowing that eating disorders will NOT overcome me."
  "I didn't like hearing and seeing the things that those women did to look skinny."
"I learned what drives Bulimia and Anorexia ." 
"I learned that eating disorders affect people more than I thought."
"I liked learning about different cases of these diseases."

  "I liked how she explained stuff."
  "I will always remind myself that I'm beautiful inside and out."