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Classes for Living
Required First Class for Everyone Taking Classes
Getting Acquainted (1 Class)
Getting to know you from your childhood to today.
Recommended for First-Time Mothers
Pregnancy 101 (1 Class)
Learn the basics of nutrition and exercise for a healthy pregnancy, along with how to cope with the common discomforts. 

Labor & Delivery (1 Class)
Learn the signs of true labor and what to expect during and after the birth of your baby.

Breastfeeding (1 Class)
Basics of breastfeeding; breast care; different positions you can hold the baby while breastfeeding, etc. 

Basic Baby Care (1 Class)
Learn techniques for swaddling, bathing, feeding, scheduling, fussy baby, changing clothes and diapers, etc. 

Safety for Infants and Children (3 Class Series)
Video and checklist on infant and child safety.

Infant Massage (1 Class)
A look at the benefits of massage and how to massage your baby

Human Development (1 Class)
An in-depth view of how the human is formed from conception to birth. There are fetal models and a video to view. 
Activities for Parent & Child (1 Class)
We will examine what our spiritual responsibility is to our children as parents. We will discuss age appropriate activities and memory making ideas.

ADHD Child (1 Class)
Describes what ADHD is; the effects it has on children and those around them; discipline and how medication and diet can affect an ADHD child. We will also take a spiritual look at how to relate with ADHD children.

Adoption: Looking at Adoption (4 Class Series)
​This series with a workbook allows you to take a look at your feelings and thoughts concerning adoption. We will also consider how your child might feel, the birth experience, and moving ahead.

Bringing Up Boys (11 Class Series)
A DVD series from Focus on the Family that deals with issues of raising boys. 

Positive Discipline (6 Class series)
A DVD instructional series from Focus on the Family that combines humor and knowledge to teach positive methods of discipline.

Potty Training (1 Class)
Learn some positive tips on how to potty train your toddler.

Dating Relationships (1 Class)
This class will challenge your way of thinking about dating.

A Lifetime Love - building the marriage you want to come home to (6 Class series)
Do you have the kind of marriage you want your children to have? Learning how to truly love one another is an acquired skill. This life-changing  series - designed for individuals or couples - will help restore some of what is slipping through your fingers.
​Personal Interest
Abortion/Post Abortion (1 Class)
Information on the different types of abortion, how they are performed, and the physical risks involved with abortion. Also discussed will be the emotional and spiritual trauma of abortion

Abortion Recovery - Healing a Father's Heart(12 group sessions)
​Abortion leaves men with many wounds including, fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, grief, and/or depression. These sessions are for men who want healing from their festering wounds and for men who have battle fatigue from fighting this inner war - alone. 

​Abortion Recovery - Healing a Mother's Heart (12 group sessions)
​Many girls and women have abortion forced upon them. Others "choose" abortion due to their circumstances. After their abortions, women are often forced to suffer in silence by shame or by judgmental attitudes. The results can be long term and devastating. This series of group sessions is about healing their broken hearts whether it has been days or years since their abortions.

​Anger Management (3 Class series)
This series focuses on determining what your sources of anger are and how to deal appropriately with anger. We will also take a look at what the Bible has to say regarding anger. 

​Communication (1 Class)
We will learn and identify "Love Languages", characteristics of a good listener, and constructive communication that encourages problem resolution.

Eating Disorders (1 Class)
Help with determining if you have an eating problem and help with overcoming the problem.

Family Finances (1 Class)
Help with handling your finances. We will lay down foundational information, then make a budget. Also available, if requested, is help with balancing your checkbook.

Positive Decision Making (4 Class series)
This series guides you through making positive decisions that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime.

​Sexual Abuse Recovery (2+ counseling/class series)
​On DVD Joyce Meyer tells about the years of sexual abuse she suffered from her father and explains how God healed her. You choose whether you want to share your own experiences of abuse and/or watch the DVD. Either way, you'll learn to let God heal you. The number of sessions will be determined by you and your needs.

​Sexually Transmitted Diseases (1 Class)
Information on 9 common STDs. Slide presentation no statistics of STDs and actual pictures of STDs. 

Stress - How to identify it and how to cope (1 Class)
​Learn to identify stressers in your life and learn helpful coping strategies. Though you may feel that you are at the end of your rope, you are NEVER at the end of hope.

​Suicide (1 Class)
​A chance to share and learn more about suicide to help you or someone else. 

Spiritual Issues
Biblical Counseling
Individual counseling by tailored to your needs. 

Bible Study
If you have a question about a specific topic, name it. The Bible has the answer, (You choose the topic you wish to explore). 

​Do Yourself a Favor: Forgive (4 Class series)
​This CD series by Joyce Meyer encourages you to forgive for your own benefit and tells you how to do it. 

​Is There Purpose in Life?
Excerpts from Rick Warren's book on The Purpose Driven Life. Find meaning for your life.

​Jesus (9 lessons 20-30 minutes each)
​Viewing and discussing the Jesus video

Making an Informed Decision About Religion
A Biblical look at Christianity.

Who is God? (May take more than one class depending on discussion.)
Lesson exploring the various attributes of God.