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1. You may take one class per week to receive any item requiring a class.

2. No classes may be taken on the first visit.

3. The first class that you will be required to take is the Getting Acquainted class. At your intake, you will be given a form to complete and bring back and it will be gone over with your instructor at the first class. YOU may choose the other classes you desire to take.

4. You will need to find childcare for your children while you are taking a class.

5. If you want more classes just for the education, you may see what classes are available and take more than one in a week, but it will not count toward the number of classes needed for the item you are working toward. You will receive blessing bucks.

6. Class requirement:
   5 classes for a new crib.
  (Only 1 crib per family will be allowed unless you have twins.)

7. Classes may be used for up to one year only toward any item.
Class Policies
Please note that each new crib and mattress costs approximately $140. This is made available through the generous donations of our supporters. If it takes 1 hour round trip to come to the class and 1 hour for the class, a client could consider that for 10 hours total time, they are receiving $140 or $14.00 per hour. This is in addition to any clothing or supplies that they wish to "purchase" with blessing bucks at each visit. We hope that each person can appreciate that we must be good stewards of the items that God provided here and not allow the services to be abused in any way. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you have questions or concerns you may speak with the Director, Sherry Bliss. 
Classes For Living