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Abortion Procedures/Risks (45-90 minutes)
(We recommend that you have the Human Development presentation prior to this one.)

There may be students attending who have experienced an abortion or know of someone who has had an abortion. National statistics tell us 1 out of 4 women have experienced an abortion. More than likely abortion has touched each student's life in some way. It is our purpose to inform students so they will know the facts and know there is help available.

  "I didn't like the graphic pictures, but they were needed."
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  "I will NEVER have an abortion, and I will tell everyone I know about what I've learned." 
"I learned that if a woman has an abortion, she can have physical and emotional problems for the rest of her life."
Abortion Quiz

American War Casualties

Personal story – Angela Simpson

DVD – Suction Curettage/Dilation & Evacuation

D&X Procedure – (Transparency)

Morning After Pill / RU486

Share risks - physical, emotional, psychological

Video – Meet the Abortion Providers
Share survivors, brochures, books, and tapes 

Baby parts for sale/Fresh fetal tissue harvested


PACE Books

Personal story - Jayne Merritt

Would you consider abortion

Timmy’s a Problem, Mom



"I liked the video of the man explaining why he quit doing abortion procedures."
  "I learned what the doctors do to abort the baby. It isn't illegal anywhere."